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How To Make Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations On Android: Damn Fun


People love to do pranks on their friends to make them fool. It’s a great way to have fun. Everyone loves it. Even today I made a fool of my friend. It was really great. But yeah, he got pissed at me after he got to realize it was a prank. Actually, I create Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations on Android of him and some other person just to piss him off and the reaction was ROFL. So I thought I should tell you how I did that. There are thousands of apps on Google Play Store you can try to fool your friends with fake conversation. But one app named Yazzy – The fun App is the only one app which can make.


Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations.

Fake WhatsApp Conversations.

Fake Status on Facebook.

Fake Android SMS.

Fake Tweet.

Fake Hangout conversations.

Steps to Use Yazzy

1. First of all, download the Yazzy App Here – YAZZY.

2. After the installation, Open the App and tap on the top left to get more options.

How To Make Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations On Android 4

3. Go to settings and un-check the include water mark. Because nobody wants the watermark.

4. After that, go back to the front page and tap on the messenger option.

5. Now add the picture of the person you want and also add his name. You can see in the picture I use Mark Zuckerberg name.

How To Make Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations On Android

6. Now Swipe to go on messages. In it add any message you want to set from your victim. After that click on the left + button. Then add another message from your side (You can also add someone else here too). And then click on the Right + button. Make a fake conversation like that in your own way.

How To Make Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations On Android 3

7. Click on the Next button on the top right of the screen once you have made the conversation.

8. At last click on the refresh button to see how your conversation looks like, if it’s great, Save it. If not, edit again.

How To Make Fake Facebook Messenger Conversations On Android 2

NOTE: This Trick is for fun purpose. Do Not Use It to CON someone. 



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