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Top 10 Camera Apps to Make Your Phone More Than A Smartphone, Scanner-Webcam and more

Top 10 apps that make your smartphone camera do more than clicking photos

1.) My Scans (available both on Android and iOS): Can crop and scan documents, also has file and folder organiser to print directly from phone
my scan

  • There are a lot of scanning apps but My Scans is simple and easy to use. It automatically does document edge detection and crops so that scans don’t look ‘unprofessional’. There is a file and folder organiser and you can directly print documents from your smartphone. There are also a bunch of Cloud-related features but you have to pay for them.

2.) Warden Cam: (available both on Android and iOS): Can turn your old smartphone or tablet into surveillance camera
warden camera

  • The app that turns an of your old smartphone or tablet into a surveillance camera. Warden Cam can be installed not two phones — use one as recorder and other as a viewer. You can keep a watch 24/7 at your house with this camera app installed on any other device. All it needs is internet connectivity and with that, you can keep surveillance on your home.

3.) Night Sky (available only on iOS): Helps in identifying stars, constellation, planets and satellites
night sky app

  • The app that turns the iPhone into a planetarium — thanks to AR or augmented reality. The app helps in identifying stars, constellation, planets and satellites using AR technology on the iPhone

4.) Google Lens (available both on Android and iOS): Scan and translate texts, identify plants, scan codes and more
google lens

  • Google Lens is a nifty app that can help in scanning and translating texts, identify plants, scan codes and do a lot more. It’s free to download on Android but iPhone users have to use it with the help of Google Photos app.

5.) Spectre (available only on iOS): Can make people disappear from images, remove traffic from a picture and more

  • An iPhone-exclusive app, Spectre is ideal made for long-exposure shots and it uses artificial intelligence and computational photography to deliver quality images. What it also does is that there’s an option to turn lights trails on and off, make people disappear from images, remove the traffic from a picture — all thanks to computational photography.

6.) PlantSnap (available both on Android and iOS): Helps identify trees, plants and flowers at click of a button on your mobile

  • Thanks to in-built machine-learning framework, the app can instantly identify more than 300,000 species of plants, flowers and trees. All you need to do is take a photo. Get close to the flowers or leaves and snap a clear pic. Then pinch to zoom in. You will get possible matches within seconds.

7.) Google Translate and Microsoft Translator (available both on Android and iOS): Can help you translate some of the widely-used languages worldwide
google ranslate

  • These translation apps help you translate 26 and 60 languages respectively. All you need to do is point your camera on signboards, restaurant menus and wherever you need translation help. These apps will translate the text in real-time for you.

8.) AR Ruler (available both on Android and iOS): Just the measuring tape you may need
ar ruler

  • Can’t find a measuring tape around, worry not AR Ruler app can do the trick. The app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera. Just target aim on the surface you want to measure and start to use the app’s tape measure tool. You can measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet and yard. It also allows you to measure distances, angles, volume, area and perimeter.

9.) Mathway (available both on Android and iOS): Solve any Maths problem, equation and more

  • From basic Algebra to complex calculus, Mathway can help users solve most difficult Math problems. Just type your problem in or point your camera and snap a pic to receive instant answers. There’s also option to get detailed step-by-step solutions.

10.) Free QR code Scanner app, Scan any QR Code and get their details
free qr code scanner

  • To scan QR code and Barcode , just place the QR code and Barcode in center of screen.The QR code scanner app free decodes the QR code and Barcode also flashcode automatically and show you the info with button for next action. more and more promotion and discount via scan QR code and Barcode also flashcode, you can check out the promotion easily.


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