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We are all about Android OS devices here at  We live to try new apps, root tweaks, accessories, and anything Android OS related.  The Android OS device has changed the way the world interacts daily.  By sharing new apps and ideas about Android OS devices we are helping others enjoy their devices to the fullest and that’s what we love to do.

All reviews are Free but due to the number of request we can not post every application.  In order to guarantee your app gets posted within two days we ask you to purchase out promotional package for $50.  This will include a graphic in the sidebar linked to the download in the App store for 30 days and written reviews. After payment has been made please send the graphic you wish to have posted to the same address as above.  We write for several other sites and have the ability to promote your application review on them as well.

Guarantee App Review Gets Posted Within 2 Days

The Play store currently holds over 1.6 million applications total.  The greatest obstacle for developers is getting recognized in this ocean of applications. This can be very hard to do without proper marketing and promotion.  We have implemented several proven ways to get recognized in the app store.  Our site is among some of the top review sites on the web.  We started AndroidCaptain in early 2015.  Since then we have grown to around 2,000 visitors daily and continue growing.  We are currently getting around 8-10K page views which means our readers are enjoying the content when they get there by reading more.

This is a lot of information. If you have any questions feel free to ask, by emailing me at:

 We assure you, We will do the best to help promote your product in every way possible.