Android captain’s review on Hotstar.


As you all know during cricket world cup 2015, an application got too much focus by audience.
This app let you have a complete TV on your smart phone. You can watch tv serial, news, movies, video songs, live cricket match and many more.
You can use this without sign in or register. But if you want to create your personalized playlist, download videos to watch offline, share and like or dislike.

How to use android application of HOTSTAR.


  • First of all you have to install it from android app(Size 24MB)  store for free click here
  • Open it and sign up with your existing gmail account(or you can use without doing it with feature constraints).
  • After logged in you can watch a show live or you can record it and watch later.
  • You can like or dislike any video.
  • If you love to watch English tv serial(Mostly star world’s serial) then Hotstar is going to be your favorite.
  • Most amazing thing is you can watch IPL live. And other sports too.
  • Those, who owning a smart phone with low memory or processor, this app might be stuck some time.
  • The frequency of advertisement is high. You have watch its ad there are no any alternative.
  • It is good for only wi-fi user with unlimited data plan, because it consumes lots of data.
  • If you are using limited plan then be careful for your internet pack.
  • You have to compromise with the quality of videos. Because it a streaming video so the videos quality is not that good. But it depends on the bandwidth of your ISP.
  • This application is IP protected. Means you can not watch all these stuff out side of India.


The app plays an unskippable 1-minute ad at the beginning of some videos, but on a slow 512kbps connection we noticed that the ad had to buffer thrice. There’s no play-pause control here, so our only choice was to tap the screen, which loads the website of the advertiser (in this case it was in the app, and close that to make the ad finish playing. The video we played also buffered a couple of times, but that’s a lot less than what we’re used to on that slow connection. The performance was better on a faster Internet connection.


Menu Section of this app.


Featured: This section displays the trending videos, like coming movie, serials, ongoing cricket match and more.


hotstar review by android captain

TV Shows: This section displays the popular hindi and English tv serials.


hotstar review by android captain

Movies: In this section you can choose your favorite movie to watch, blockbuster movies listed up. You can slide down to explore more.


hotstar review by android captain

Sports: This section displays the ongoing cricket tournament. Like IPL, and some other funny spoof.


hotstar review by android captain

Menu Option:  Here you can select an option  as per your choice.

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2 thoughts on “Android captain’s review on Hotstar.

  1. The downside of the app is that they don’t have any English movies and there should be more English TV serials. Also the live telecast of IPL streams an over behind than the actual live telecast.

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