App of the Week: Flynx

From this week onward, we are going to tell you about a new application each week which might be really useful for you. This week’s app is Flynx. 

App of the week: Flynx

In its I/O 2015, Google announced Chrome Custom Tabs which allowed users to check out links without having to leave an app. (Click here to know about Chrome Custom Tabs) Unfortunately it is available only for Android Marshmallow users, but there is an alternative for that and it’s called Flynx. This amazing app is actually a lightweight web browser which runs in background. This is a great app for those who love to multitask. You often face a big issue while you are using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc. The issue is that if you want to check out a link in your News feed or Timeline, you have to switch to a browser which force you to minimize or close the app. You can get rid of this issue with Flynx. It provides you an uninterrupted browsing experience without having to leave the app. 

Flynx automatically detects links on apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and it presents a small globe icon on the page. You justr have to tap the link you want to visit and Flynx open it for you in background. You just have to tap the globe icon and it opens a pop up window where you can browse the link. Another good thing is that it opens it in a minimal reading mode and that too without ads

Flynx Screenshot

You can also save links for reading them later. Double tap the link and it will save it. Though you can only save up to 4 links at the start but you can increase this number by inviting your friends to this app. You can also share links on Social sites. To open a link directly you have to tap on the link and a window will appear asking for which browser you want to use to open the link. Select Flinx and it will open the page in background. There are also options of Night Mode and changing font size. 

So if you love multitasking, this might be the perfect app for you. Download it from Google Playstore . Do tell us how you like the app.

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