App of the Week: Snap Widget Drawer

Snap Widget Drawer

Widgets are really helpful for Android phone users but to see or use them you have to stop what you are doing and go to your home-screen. Besides that they take up a lot of space and you have to create unnecessary home-screens to accommodate them. But there is a solution for that. Snap Widget Drawer moves your widgets to your notification bar. You can access them from anywhere just by pulling down the notification bar. There’s no need to go to your launcher for accessing the widgets anymore.


You can easily add widgets to the drawer. The free version lets you add only 3 widgets but you can upgrade to the paid version for about $2 to remove this restriction. By default, you can bring the widget drawer by pulling down the status bar from the right side but you can change it by going to “Preferences” option in the app. You can also customize the size of widgets. You can scroll through the widgets using two fingers.

Snap runs in background all the time so it does consumes memory but it promises to reduce the memory consumption by widgets. So if you use many widgets then Snap is the best way to manage your widgets. 

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