App Review: Cameringo

Android Captain’s review on Cameringo.


sample image taken by android captain with cameringo camera app.

Cameringo is one of the best camera app in play store. There are some cool and amazing photo effects. With the help of those you can take awesome photographs.

Cameringo clicked images do not need any kind of editing. Get this app full version.

Earlier time people loved the instagram for clicking images with good photo effect. But now a days this app overtakes those previously famous camera apps.

The interface provided by cameringo is quite adaptive. It looks like pre installed camera application in your phone.

Cameringo camera app review by android captain blog

On the right side you will find 5 icons, 1st is gallery, second one is setting for changing clicking mode whether it’s gif or panoram. In the middle icon for clicking image. 4th is intensity, exposure, contrast, brightness and temperature enhancement. And the fifth one last on the right side is image effect selection. Here you can find 18 camera effects like faux, hipsa, lomo, retro, mono, art, sketch and more. Each image mode have sub category of images effect you can choose as per your choice.

**The free version of cameringo have less camera effects.

Cameringo camera app review by android captain blog

Now on the left side of the screen you will find six icons, from the top, 1st is cameringo setting here you can customise the image resolution and change setting of image clicking button and more. 2nd one is small(tiny) display of the original  display.

Cameringo camera app review by android captain blog

3rd one is flash on/off or auto flash setting. 4th is for the area reduction with the help of this you can discard left and right side’s area during clicking an image. 5th one is camera switcher, by touching it you can switch your camera front to rear and rear to front. And the last 6th icon on the left side is a setting which will help focus setting like night mode, ISO auto mode, WB auto mode, macro focus mode, histogram and horizon level and more.

Sample Image taken By Android captain form Cameringo Camera App.

sample image taken by android captain with cameringo camera app.

 Download Free Cameringo Camera App.

The picture quality is not too good but it’s OK. When you send these images to your computer

then you will fell it. Images look great in mobile phones screen.


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