App Review: Chromer


chromer screen shot

You guys might have heard about Google Chrome’s ‘Custom Tabs’ which were introduced in 2015’s Google I/O along with Android Marshmallow. If you are unaware about it then let me tell you that it is an awesome feature which allows you to browse web-pages and check out links within any app. And you can do it without having to minimize that app and open your browser. For example, if one of your friend sends you a link in your WhatsApp chat then to check out that link you have to leave the chatting app and open the link in some browser, but with Custom Tabs you can open that link without having to leave your chat. It opens it in a tab which comes over the app and you can browse it right there without having to minimize anything. But the problem is that not all apps developers has yet adapted Chrome Custom Tabs in their app. But to solve that there is another app, developed by ArunKumar called Chromer which makes all the apps to use Chrome Custom Tabs. 


The set up is really simple and quick. You first install the app from Play store or you can also download apk from trustworthy sites like APKmirror and then install it. Then after you launch the app you get a setup screen. Here you can customize the toolbar color, animation etc. To use Chrome Custom Tabs, you need to make Chromer your default browser. You can do this by tapping on the “Set Default Browser” button on the screen, choose Chromer from the appeared list and select “Always”. 

Now you are all set to browse internet seamlessly. Chromer not only brings an uninterrupted experience but it also makes browsing much faster. And also it comes with safety of Chrome and also it with the added bonus of having your Chrome passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history synced—and you get it all without ever having to leave the app you’re currently using. Additionally, Chromer will take over for any app that already uses Chrome Custom Tabs, so your personalized interface will be present system-wide.

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