App Review: CM Browser

cm browser android captainIn this post we are going to review Cheetah Mobile’s web browser, CM (Clean Master) Browser.

CM browser is claimed to be a fast, secure and lightweight browser by its developers. It is indeed lightweight as size of this browser is merely 1.7 MB, which makes it quicker to download and install. Although it takes up lots of RAM space while running. The home screen of this browser is pretty clean and simple. Here you have Speed dial buttons which are completely customisable. With that you have a search box. You can choose what search engine you want to use from the options which include Google, Bing, Yahoo and several other sites. On scrolling down you will see plenty of contents from other categories like weather, news, trending search, most visited sites, sponsored ads etc. You can chose what content you want on your home screen by going into “Home Display Content” options in Settings menu of the browser.

screenshot cm android captainThere is an inbuilt security system in this browser which gives you maximum security. There are options like Do not track which protects your privacy. It also detects an virus infected file on malware when you download one and gives you the option to delete it. It also tells you whether a site is fraud or not and thus protects you from visiting malicious websites. There are plenty other customization options in the setting menu.

screenshot2 cm android captainThe user interface of this browser is pretty cool and fancy. Your tabs are stacked like cards and you can close a tab by swiping it upwards. If you want to close all tabs at once, you can tap and hold on any tab and all tabs will be selected, then just slide up and your all tabs are closed. There is also incognito mode available in this browser using which you can browse internet without crating history or other browsing information. If you slide from right to left on any web page, you will see a quick setting panel. here you have options to add bookmark, switch to night mode, go full-screen etc.

screenshot3 cm android captainAs you can see this browser has some really impressive features but along with that there are some disadvantages of this browser too. Opening more than 4 tabs at a time makes it really slow and it crashes sometimes too. Apart from that there is no reading mode and you can’t change the format of any website to fit on your mobile screen which is a big let-down if you use internet for reading purpose. These disadvantages make CM Browser not as good as UC browser. But if you need a lightweight and secure browser then CM will be a great choice for you.


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