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Android Captain reviews: PicsArt

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With over 200 million installs, PicsArt is one of the most popular photography/photo editing app available. It’s not just a photo editing app but it also has a photo sharing platform where its users can share their edited photos. PicsArt is unlike any other photo editing app available on android. It offers way more features and options to its users than any other app does. So lets start reviewing them one by one. First feature I’d like to talk about is its camera. PicsArt camera allows you to click pictures using various modes like color splash, lomo, sketch and various other fun filters. After clicking the pic you can either edit it further by PicsArt editor or save it. Now entering the edit mode you will find many editing options like Tool, Effect, Text, Draw, Clipart, Border, Frame etc. In tool option you have photo adjustment options where you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation etc of the pic. You also get curves for image adjustment. You can also crop or re-size your image in this section. Apart from that there is a cool feature which lets you to edit a particular part of image by selecting it.

screenshot picsart android captainNow the comes the option which is necessary for any photo editing app, Effects. You will see some amazing filters here which will completely transform the look of your picture. You can also manage how much of a filter you want to apply to your picture, this way you can combine different filters to get the desired effect. Apart from filters you also have options like, removing blemishes and spots from your face, applying tan or adding blush, removing red eye etc. There are also some nice artistic features  in this section.

If you are an artist then PicsArt is a great app for you. You can draw with plenty of brushes available, add layers, add cliparts, shapes, borders etc. And you can also share your work on PicsArt for the world to see. You can also send your edited pics to participate in the various competitions by PicsArt.screenshot2 picsart android captain Although the app is free, you can go to its shop to buy brushes, fonts, cliparts, frames etc available in their vast collection.

picsart android captain
Here is a sample picture edited by PicsArt

Overall, if PicsArt is not the best photo editing app on android, it surely is among the very few best photo editors. There is no other editor which gives so many features for free.


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