App Review: Truecaller

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Android Captain’s review on Truecaller.

Truecaller is a privacy killer app. Means it is a kind of app that shares all of your contact saved in your phone, to public.

One of the  main reason of having Truecaller is, any users can block unwanted calls from a particular country. There are settings in Truecaller with the help of those one can simply block those annoying calls.

This application is first in it’s category or kind. Developed by “True Software Scandinavia AB”.Initially released on September 2009. For Blackberry, iOS, Android, Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone.

trueCaller banner by android captain

Truecaller works as a telephone directory. When a user install Truecaller and register their phone no. on it. Truecaller’s database will sync all contacts saved on user’s mobile phone.

Truecaller equipped  with user friendly GUI. And provide more informations about any phone no. You can see the location also. You can personalise your profile by adding photo, link with your social media accounts like g+ or fb. You can also add your address.

trueCaller banner by android captain

You can download and install it click here. Or you can go to play store and search for Truecaller. After installing do the registration work by giving your mobile no. They will verify your given no. after that give your display name and other info.

Now, Say somebody  calls you with unknown no like 993429xxxx. and you do not  recognise this no. If  your internet connection is on, the Truecaller starts working. It will search the it’s whole database and try to find  that 993429xxxx no.  is related to any one, If yes then it displays his/her name and location. After that you can guess who is calling. But the condition is happening this thing is that, when any truecaller user has saved that  993429xxxx no. on their phone with any name, that name is going to display.                                                                     This is the best feature of Truecaller.

Some extra features in premium version: You can see, who viewed your profile. No more ads. Monthly contact request. Premium Truecaller starts from $0.99 per month. Premium Feature is currently available for android devices.

Advantage: You can block any no. by marking as a spam, and you can search and find any unknown mobile no.

Disadvantage: If you want to make your all contact private then do not use it. Because this app syncs your contacts and save them into Truecaller’s database.

Editors view: In this online social media era the privacy is not a big deal any more. You can have this app. And use it by concentrating the advantages of it.

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  1. how can I change how my name appears on truecaller, when you search, it front, I think that’s how someone saved me..I want it to appear by my name

    • Go to your Truecaller app’s setting then go to privacy and tap on allow and select public. Edit and change your name. Hope this will fix your issue.


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