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Android Captain’s review on Aviary.

Aviary is an amazing photo editor application. It has lots of options, which can help you to edit your images and will look gorgeous.

You can give basic effects like lightening an image, increase brightness, contrast, saturation and many more. Then you can put some stickers, wonderful frames and some cool predefined photo effects.

It will enhance your image and look awesome. You can blur your background.

Here is a sample of images.

Before Edit.
After Edit
After Edit

Here you can notice how effective this app is.

In enhance option you can make your image Hi Def, illuminate and auto colour fix.

In effect section you get some pre installed effects, you can also add some free or paid set of effects. You can crop your image with your favourite resolution. Focus can be added in a circle mode or a rectangular mode according to your choice.

You can enhance colour, increase or decrease sharpness of  your image, give cool looks with the help of splash, can draw any think, write some text, give red eye effect whiten desired part of your image. Write text on top and bottom with meme option.

There are some features absent in this application like colon stamp, background eraser, masking, join two photos, colour balance curve, stretch your image, shape crop resize .

But if you are not looking for a professional mobile phone photo editor then go for it.

So, as per my opinion this app is worth  having, This app can make your life happy and colourful.

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