Cheapest Voice Calling App. Know how much voice calling costs you.


These days, Internet calling is replacing the old regular way of phone call. But here is the catch about using these apps. Even though the VoIP apps does not charge any money for making a voice call, it does consume a lot of data and if you have not subscribed any data plan, it can be costly for you. We conducted a test using some of the popular voice calling apps to know which one of them consumes the least amount of data. You can also conduct this test to know how much data your voice calling app uses. Here is what we did.

  1. We made 3 voice calls, each one of them 1 minute long, by every app and monitored the data usages. You can measure the data consumption by recording the data usages by the app before and after making the call and subtracting the former from later. You can also use the app called “Data Monitor” to know the data usages by your apps.
  2. We took three readings and took their average. Following is the result we got.
cheapest voice calling app android captain
*Note: Results might vary on signal strength, location and service providers.

After conducting the test on every app, we found out that Facebook’s Messenger app uses the least amount of data for making a voice call and hence it is the cheapest. Whereas Skype uses the highest amount of data. Data consumption by Skype is really high, so Skype users keep this in mind before making a voice call.

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