App Review: Earthquake Alert

App Review: Earthquake Alert 

earthquake alert app review by android captain

Last month Nepal hit by a massive earthquake. Peoples are  bothering about their safety. No one can predict earthquake. So be alert and take crucial steps while earthquake.

If you want to get updates about earthquake around the globe then this Earthquake Alert app will definitely help you.                                                                                                                                This app let you know the previously came earthquake. You can locate those earthquake on world map also. There are different kinds of filters available in this app. You can set filter according to your choice. For example-                                                                                            You can filter it by location: Range of distance around you like near you, 1000 miles away, 2000 miles away, 3000 miles away and world wide.

By Date: you can view earthquake list by setting date/time like, last hour, today, last 24 hours, last 48 hours and this week.

By Magnitude: You can set filter according to the intensity of earthquake like- 1.0+, 2.0+, 3.0+, 4.0+, 5.0+, 6.0+ 7.0+.                                                                                                                                And save the filter. After that you will able to get alerts.

earthquake alert app review by android captain

When you get an alert you can locate that earthquake to map and its work efficiently.                   When you open this app, you will see 3 main menu- latest, map, news.                                            On the top left corner you wll find more menu options, there you can know about this app, FAQ, can send feedback, legal and permissions, Author’s other app. Check for updates and settings. There are various options given in setting, you can customise as per your choice.

When you set your filter worldwide with 3.0+ magnitude, you will get notification every day. Earthquake comes in different parts of world every day.

earthquake alert app review by android captain

The updates provides by this app is fully authentic, because it follows the USGS. USGS website: you can cross check it directly.

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