WhatsApp Voice Calling: Free or Expensive


Recently WhatsApp added voice calling feature for its users. Voice calling feature on chatting app is advertise as free calling feature which is technically true as the application does not charge any money for using its voice calling feature. Still it isn’t actually free as it consumes lots of data and thus costs you money. If you are using voice calling on free WiFi then you have nothing to worry about but if you are using it on your phone’s data connection then you should be careful about using it.

Now, let’s examine how much data WhatsApps’s voice call uses. We ran a test to find out the same. We used Aircel’s 3G connection to conduct the test.

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The test results showed that average data consumption for WhatsApp’s voice call is about 650-670 KB. According to Aircel’s 3G tariff (2p/10KB) it costs about Rs.1.30  which is about twice the cost of a regular phone call. However the results might vary depending upon signal strength, location and service provider.

We will suggest you to use WhatsApp’s voice call only if you have a data plan or access to WiFi.

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