5 new features of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has rolled out a major update and it brings five new exciting features to the most popular chatting app.

The version 2.12.250, was initially available only on WhatsApp’s website, is now live on Google PlayStore for users. We are going to tell you about those 5 brand new features which this update has brought.

1. Mark as Unread: Now you can mark a message, which you have read, as unread. Just like you could do it in Facebook’s Messenger app. All you have to do is tap and hold a chat and it will give you the option to “mark as unread”. However this doesn’t mean that the person, whose message you marked unread, will not know that you have read the message. It merely marks the message as unread for you so that you can highlight a message and get back to it later.


2. Low data usage: It compresses the data you use on a WhatsApp call and thus lowers the data use. But it might slightly reduce the voice quality. To enable this, you need to go to Settings > Chats and Calls and tick “Low data usages” option at the bottom.


3. Custom Notifications: With this new feature, you can assign different notification tones for different people so that you would know who is messaging you just by hearing the notification tone. To configure this, you will have to open the profile of the person you want to assign a different tone and select the option of “Custom notifications”. Then you will get the window to configure it.



4. Mute Chat: This allows you to mute chat notifications from a particular person. You can use this feature if you do not want to be bothered by some particular person. All you have to do is go to that person’s profile and switch on “Mute”. Then it will ask you the duration of time for which you want to keep notifications mute from that person.


5. Emoji skin tones and new Emojis: WhatsApp has added different skin tones for its emoticons which shows human face or body parts. It has also introduced middle finger and Spock’s Vulcan hand gesture.


Apart from these features, WhatsApp has also added support for Bengali and Urdu languages. So update your WhatsApp, try out these new features and let us know how you think of them.

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