Alpha Version of Remix OS Released – Puts Android Onto Your PC



What Is Remix OS ?

Explained By Remix Os Dev. Team : 

Remix OS is our state of the art Android-based operating system. We mean it when we say you get a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC. The innovative features we’ve brought to Remix OS 2.0 have been meticulously engineered to bring you the best of both worlds – the harmonious fusion of a mobile and desktop experience. More..

JIDE(founded by three ex-Google members):

What you can do on your device is invariably the most important part of any computing experience. By revitalizing your seasoned hardware with Remix OS for PC, breathe new life into it with over 1.6 million Android apps. Whether it’s for work at school or in the office, watching a TV show or playing your favorite games, Android’s rich app ecosystem always has something for exactly what you need and want to do.

This first public release, which is available as a 692MB downloadable file, has been labeled as an “alpha” version it is primarily for developers and early adopters to try out and give their feedback to Jide for improvements. In other words, Remix OS is not recommended for the casual Android or PC owner — it’s expected to be buggy and unstable. If you do download it, please note that it will also require a USB 3.0 flash drive with at least 8GB of storage; it’s required to help boot Remix OS to a PC for the first time.

  • A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s. 
  •  A PC with USB legacy boot option.


Get The Alpha version Of Remix OS

How To Install Remix OS

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