Company Said The World’s First 5G Users Will Appear in These Four Countries


Ericsson freshly published “Mobile Market Report” estimates in some of the countable, the four countries are the United States of America, Japan, China and Korea. These four countries will be the world’s first 5G users, 5G users upto 2021 the number of mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 150 million which includes France, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil and India.

Company Said The world’s First 5G Users Will Appear in These Four Countries

In the 4G connection, Ericsson assumes China will overhaul the US as the world’s largest LTE market. Data point that by the end of 2015, China will beget 350 million LTE subscribers, considering for about 35% of the world’s total number of LTE subscribers. Ericsson is assumed to 2021, China will have 1.2 billion LTE subscribers early, but at plenty third position in the world comes is India after China and the US.

Ericsson concludes, 5G will connect the new computer equipment, and associated some ideas of things will shift a reality, this development will increase in the new ICT industry and the upward market opens up new possibilities.

The statement also pointed out that from 2015 to 2021, mobile video consumption will grow significantly, and this growth will drive the North American and European markets every smartphone flow of about 6 times higher than in the past. To 2021, global mobile data traffic will increase 10-fold, and the video will be 70% of the total mobile traffic. the USA users of per unit per month smartphone data traffic growth from 3.8GB to 22GB, in Western Europe, every smartphone traffic will increase to 2GB per month 18GB.


In terms of a number of users, Ericsson expects per second will have 20 new mobile internet broadband users, the global mobile subscriber growth has become another key factor driving growth in data traffic. Wherein increasing the number of connections in Africa, from 2010 to 2015, the number of mobile users doubled from 500 million to 1 billion

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