COVID-19: How To Clean Your Smartphone And Be Disinfected


Cleaning items you need:

1. Isopropyl alcohol
2. Cotton swabs
3. Microfiber cloth


1.)  Take the phone out of the case and turn it off. If it’s a TPU case or made of any other washable materials, soak in warm water and rinse it thoroughly. You will find a lot of dust and grime trapped around the edges. If it’s made of leather or other unwashable materials, you can use alcohol-based solutions and cotton swabs to wipe the dirt off.

2.)  Next, take another clean cotton swab, dip it in an isopropyl alcohol solution and thoroughly clean the speaker grills, earpiece, headphone jack and other ports of the phone. Be careful not to leave any fibers behind, especially in the USB-C/Lightning port. It’s better to use a small brush to clean the port instead of a swab.

COVID-19: How to clean your smartphone and disinfected
COVID-19: How to clean your smartphone and be disinfected

3.)  After that, take a microfiber cloth and dip it in the alcohol solution and then wipe the screen and the body without putting too much pressure. It’s important to note that your average household cleaning cloth might be too abrasive for the display and could leave micro-scratches all over the screen. Leave it out to dry.

4.)  Once the phone and the case are completely clean and dry, put the phone back into the case and start using it. You can turn it back on now.

This is an easy, DIY method to keep your smartphone free of bacteria, dirt, and grime. However, in case of a viral outbreak, you ought to take some more stringent steps to disinfect your smartphone.

COVID-19: How to clean your smartphone and be disinfected
COVID-19: How to clean your smartphone and be disinfected

Your smartphone is one of the most potent carriers of germs and disease. With the above mentioned steps you can disinfect it.

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