Explore Android M: Hidden features

As you all know in this year’s I/O, Google unveiled Android M. The major part of this year’s developer conference was about Android M. Yet Google missed out announcing some features which are really interesting. Here we are going to tell you about those features and how they are important.
  • Use External storage as System storage. This might be the most important feature added to Android M. This means now you can install applications directly on your Micro SD cards. Now you won’t have to worry about the internal storage of your phone.
  • Better and more customized RAM management. In Android M you can see how much RAM any particular app is consuming and you will also be able to kill the apps which consumes way too much memory. For this you’ll have to go to Settings > Device > Apps > Advanced > Memory. Besides that if you do not use an app for a long time it will not automatically start and thus it will not eat up any memory.
  • Better Battery Management. We have already told you about the doze feature in our past posts. But what we weren’t told in I/O that you can customize doze on app basis and the apps you don’t  want to use won’t run in the background.
  • Default USB OTG support. Now  USB OTG connectivity will be available for all devices running Android M.
  • You can easily Uninstall apps in Google Now launcher running on Android M by simply dragging the app towards top right corner of your phone.
  • Multi Window. With some work you can enable multi window on Android M. However it is still in developing phase.
  • Hotspot 2.0 lets you to create Wireless Hotspots on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Support for MIDI devices. Just like iOS devices, Android M too will have support for MIDI devices like some electronic musical instruments (Keyboard, DJ deck etc.)


To know more about the features of Android M, stay tuned to us.

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