Explore Android M: Light and Dark themes.

For past few days, we were busy trying our hands on Android M’s developer preview. We are starting a series to tell you what new features we have have learned about in the latest version of Android.
In the first installation of the series we will be talking about the feature which allows users to change the theme of Android to Dark and Light. The good old Light theme will be default. But you will have the ability to switch to the dark theme if you like.
android-m-themes-android-captainYou can also set it to change automatically. But in the developer preview, the dark theme is only limited to the settings window. App drawer or notification theme does not get change. The dark theme might be enabled for the entire UI when Android M will arrive for users.


Here we would like to tell you about one more change that Android has made in M. It’s regarding your app drawer. This has changed the way your apps are placed in your drawer. Now apps are arranged alphabetically so you can find any app more easily. Besides that, it also brings the most used apps to the top.
android_m_app_drawer-android-captainThat is it for now, there are plenty other unannounced features of Android M that we will tell you about in coming posts. Stay tuned.



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