Facebook launches calling app “Hello”

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In the age of internet calling, days of old school phone calling isn’t over yet. Facebook’s new application launch proves that application developers are still thinking about old fashioned phone calling. Hello is the name of the brand new calling and dialer app launched on Wednesday by facebook for Android. Hello is similar to the popular calling app Truecaller. It syncs your phone’s contact with your facebook profile.

facebook hello android captain

On receiving a call, Hello will show you who’s calling you if that person is in your friend-list on facebook. You will also see a brief detail about that person too. But you will only see info that people have already shared with you on Facebook. You can message them using messenger or see their profile using this app too. It also automatically adds or updates your facebook friend’s number in your contact list,whether they’ve given you their number directly or not. But there is a catch, it’s useful only if your friend has made their number visible to you on facebook.

facebook hello android captain

Another great function is the feature to block any unwanted or spam call. If you receive any such calls, Hello will show you the detail that how many people have blocked this number. It helps you to get rid of spam calls. However such calls won’t be completely blocked they will be redirected straight to your voice mail. But this does save you from being bothered by spam calls.

facebook hello android captain

You can also search for contact information for businesses or people on Hello. Suppose you want to go to a restaurant and you don’t know their number, you can search that restaurant on Hello, and call them to make reservations and get directions to that place too. And you can do all this in the same app.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for US, Brazil, and Nigeria. But hopefully, facebook will soon make this available world-wide. You can download the APK file of this app here.


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