Galaxy S6 Edge Iron man edition goes on auction on Ebay before its official launch

galaxy s6 edge iron man edition sale android captain
Even before Samsung could launch the Iron Man edition of its Galaxy S6 Edge, the first units of this phone goes on Ebay for auction. By now there are 7 auctions going on for this limited edition phone. The highest bid has reached to a whopping $10,100. With two more day remaining before the auction ends, the price is expected to go around $15,000.
ebay galaxy s6 edge iron man auction android captainThe reason behind such high bid is that Samsung has announced only 1000 limited edition devices and unlike other limited edition phones from Samsung, the Iron Man devices will come with a numbering on them. So fans all around the world would give anything to own the first device and that is evident from the kind of response this auction has got. It is also worth noting that the Samsung’s official website for this product has marked Iron Man edition as Sold Out.

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