Google Drive Just Got Some Useful New Features


Small but helpful changes

If you live most of your digital life in Google’s apps, you’ll be pleased with Google Drive’s small albeit useful update.

The company has made it easier to add files to your Drive and organize them into folders, which can be handy if you have a large number of documents and need a quick way to sort through them.

Among the most helpful changes is the ability to drag and drop files into folders directly from search. This makes it more convenient to move files regardless of where they’re saved, whether that be in My Drive or another folder you’ve created within Google Drive.

The other two additions focus on providing a faster means of adding content to My Drive. When previewing files, there’s a new button that allows you to save that document or photo straight to My Drive. And, if you’re already browsing through files in Drive, a “Move” icon should appear in the toolbar so that you can transfer files to different folders right away. It cuts out the step of having to press the menu button, which looks like three dots stacked on top of one another, to access the “Move” option.


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