Google I/O 2015 : What to expect

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With few hours remaining for the start of Google’s yearly developer’s conference, Google I/O 2015, here are some important things that you can expect from Google.

Android M

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Android M is the biggest thing which we can expect from I/O ’15. Although this will be more like the first look into the new version of Google. As only 9.7 percent of Android devices have got the Lollipop update till now, we can only expect the launch of Android M to take place by the end of this year or the beginning of the next year.

Security and Privacy improvements


Google is expected to give more security and privacy controls to its Android users. This will enable users to modify the access any app has on their phone that is now users can customize and specify the permissions given to any app and not just accept to give whatever permission an app requires. Google might introduce this facility with Android M or with some updates to the present versions in coming months.

Voice Commands

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Operating your phones using voice commands seems to be one of the priorities of Google. They are encouraging developers to add voice commands in their apps. There is a specific session in I/O 2015 which is called “Building voice actions for your Android app”. It is described as
In this talk, attendees will learn how to drive traffic to their Android app using voice actions. We’ll cover how apps should inform Google which “OK Google” requests they can handle on phones, tablets, and watches.

Notification Handling


Android users might get a better way to handle their notifications soon. This year’s I/O conference has an informal talk called “Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions”. This might give the users a facility to handle their notifications without interrupting them.

Fingerprint Authentication

Google is expected to provide tools for developers to add support for bio-metric log in into the apps. This feature will allow the users to get rid of typing passwords. Samsung already has the feature of fingerprint scanning.

Android for Work

Google is aiming at making Android suitable for workplaces. This will allow users to separate their personal and work data on a single platform without having to change user accounts.

Internet of Things (IoTs)

Internet of Things is an ambitious project of Google to connect the devices of daily uses to each other. Under this project Google is making a lightweight OS which can run on devices with lowest of RAMs.
Apart from these, Google is expected to bring Android Wear app for iOS, improve its Virtual Reality devices, make payment options easier with facilities like Tap to Pay, introduce cloud messaging, improve its home entertainment facilities and introduce real time satellite maps.



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