Google Now gets better and smarter in Android M


In this years I/O conference, Google unveiled the new version of Android, Android M. While Android Lollipop was about changing the look and feel of Android visually, M brings several new changes and upgrades in the currently available features of Android. In bid to make Android more easy to use and smart, Google is upgrading its search integration, Google Now with introducing Now on Tap.

Basically Now on Tap enables you to access relevant information while using some app, without having to minimize the app to go to Search and typing what you want to know about. All you have to do is long tap your Home button and it will show you the relevant result based on the content that is currently on your screen. For example, suppose a friend messages you asking for going to a movie, say Avengers 2. If you don’t know about the movie, you will not have to go to your browser and search for that movie. You can just long press your Home button and the information about that movie will pop up right on the same screen.

You can do it just by saying the Google Now hotword “OK Google” as well. Suppose if you are listening to a song on Play Music and you wish to know about the artist. You can just say OK Google and then just ask about the artist, you will not even to say the name of the artist. Google Now will just detect the song you are playing and show the relevant result. Pretty Amazing, right?

Apart from that it can do various other things like prompts you to make a note when someone asks you to remember something in an email or text, find the nearest restaurant and details about it if you are making dinner plans while chatting with a friend, telling you the meaning of it if you tap on a word in chrome and on numerous other scenarios.

There might be more to Google Now than it was unveiled at I/O. We will know once it comes with Android M in third quarter of this year.



*Video taken from Android Authority.

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