Google Playstore is going to launch Family Friendly store.

playstore for family android captain

Google is going to add a family and child friendly section on Playstore. Google has already sent out an email to Android developers to make apps which are suitable for family and children. This program was called “Designed for Families”. Last date of submission is 28th May which is also the first day of Google’s annual development conference. Although there is no official word from Google on this but its announcement is expected on 28th May.

play store for families android captain


With this program, Google is looking to cater to its non-adult users. This is supposed to be free from A rated contents and advertisements. Google has also launched an affordable Chromebooks for students and is looking for apps which will be suitable for students.

Google has said that it wants to support the developers to create contents specifically to educate and entertain kids.

With Chromecast, Google has also started to make their way into people’s living room and they are looking to provide apps which can be enjoyed by the whole family.


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