Last Chance to Save Your Internet

Save your Internet
Save your Internet


[UPDATE: Government has extended the last date to register your comments on Net-Neutrality to 20th August] 
Recently a committee on Net Neutrality submitted its report to government.  The report was not only ambiguous on defining net neutrality but also suggested to impose extra charges on internet calling services like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype etc. Yesterday, the Government of India asked us (Indian citizens) to give their comments on net neutrality on its web portal, The last date to submit the comments is today, that is 14th August. The last date to submit the comments is 20th August. We will urge our fellow Indian netizen to log on to MyGov , register yourself or sign in if you are already registered and put a comment there. (Link to the the website where you will have to comment: )This is your last chance to save your internet from being controlled by telecom companies.
If you are wondering what should you write there, following are the things that you need to say to the Government to keep your internet free.

  1.  We DON’T WANT Net Neutrality to be defined by telecom companies.
  2. We DON’T WANT telecom companies to control WHAT we access on the Internet and they CAN’T charge us money for accessing certain websites on the Internet.
  3. We WANT to be able to access anything, at any time, without having to pay more for it separately.
  4. We DON’T WANT licensing for Whatsapp, Viber or any other app we use.
  5. Access to ALL content on the internet should be equally free accessible to everyone.

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