The man behind Phonebloks says Google’s Project Ara is headed in the wrong direction

Way back in 2013, Dave Hakkens inspired the world with a vision of a wholly modular smartphone that would reduce electronic waste, give users customizable control over their devices, and let you keep using the same device for years to come. The concept, called Phonebloks, was massively well-received, and the video describing it has been viewed over 21 million times. It turned out that Motorola had been quietly working on a similar premise with Project Ara, which was unveiled shortly after Hakkens video went viral. Google is now behind the reins on Ara, but Hakkens says this isn’t the modular phone we’re looking for.

It basically means the Ara skeleton is a fully equipped phone with things like CPU, antennas, sensors, battery and display. The 6 little blocky modules on the back of the phone are just add-ons like better cameras, speakers, scanners etc. Things to customise your phone, for fun. It means your phone still gets obsolete after a while. What if your screen breaks? Well you still need to replace the entire phone. And after a couple of years it gets slow and you need to replace your entire skeleton.

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