New Phishing Campaign Targets Google Play Developers

Google has issued a precautionary note for Google Play Developers. It reads as follows:

“If you’ve received an email from ‘Developer Support‘ with the subject line ‘Confirm your account,’ don’t click on links within this message or submit any personal information. If you clicked any links, please immediately change your password and run an anti-virus software on your computer. Report the fake email as ‘phishing’ via the link below.”


Phishing has been one of the oldest and the most effective tools for malware authors, online scammers and cyber criminals. And it is here to stay, may be, forever. Below are some tips to avoid phishing attacks:

1. Do not reply to emails that ask for your personal or financial information, even if they seem to have been sent by a friend, your bank or any organization.

2. Never download software via links embedded in emails.

3. Do not click on links or download attachments in unexpected or unsolicited emails.

4. Avoid sharing your email address and phone number with any website, without reading its privacy policy. The privacy policy of any website describes how and where your personal information will be used.

5. Do not share any personal or financial information over calls and SMSs, no mater how urgent the matter sounds.

6. Do not visit your bank’s website, email account, social media account, shopping website, etc., by clicking on links embedded in emails.


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