This app can now change your wallpaper based on Android 10’s dark theme

Android 10’s dark theme is a handy way to turn most apps on your device from a blinding white to a darker gray. However, it lacks any features beyond that. Now, one app is making it possible to switch your wallpaper based on the Android 10 dark theme.

“Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10” is an app we’ve covered here on 9to5Google before for its handy ability to schedule the system-wide toggle. In the app’s latest update, it’s further expanding its feature list. One of those features is to tie the switch from light to dark and vice versa to the time of sunset and sunrise. Even better, the app can also change the theme based on the ambient lighting around the device.

While scheduling and automating the Android 10 dark theme is great, that doesn’t affect your wallpaper. Every app and notification can be blacked out, but going back to the homescreen can still be blinding at night. Thankfully, this app now solves that problem.

With its latest update, “Automatic Dark Theme” can also adjust the wallpaper on your device based on the Android 10 dark theme. In the app’s settings, you can pick a wallpaper to be tied to the light theme and another to be tied to the dark theme and the app will automatically make the change whenever the theme changes. This option can also change the wallpaper just on the homescreen or on the lockscreen.


Of course, you’ll still need to go through the installation process to get this app up and running. It requires ADB in order to function so you’ll need to have a PC nearby to get everything working properly. I’ve been using the app personally for a little while now and, honestly speaking, I can say it’s worth the extra work to get set up.

“Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10” is free on the Play Store.

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