Top 10 MIUI 11 Theme For Redmi/Xiaomi Phones

Top 10 MIUI 11 Themes in 2020,  you must try these themes and give awesome look to your smartphone

All of the themes we’ve talked about below provide the best in class wallpapers, icon packs, and more add-ons to spruce up your Xiaomi device. While most of the themes mentioned below are free to download, a few require purchases. We have listed everything great about each of the themes below, and have even talked about the features that make them different from one another. We have covered a wide range of themes, and by the end of this list, you would be sure to find one that suits you the best! With that being said, let’s have a look at the top 10 MIUI Themes in 2020 that you must try!

#1 – Sampeu

Kicking the list off, we have a minimal Stock Android-based theme that can give your Xiaomi device the Pixel vibe. The wallpapers, icons, text and more are all derived from the Pixel devices to make it look as close to stock as possible. All of the icons are rounded and closely resemble that of the Pixel Launcher. You also get the Google search bar alongside the clock widget which also are reminiscent of Stock Android. If you have been wanting a much cleaner user experience and interface on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone, then you should definitely give this theme a try. To try it out, simply search for “Sampeu” on the Themes app on your Xiaomi device.

#2 – iOS Girl

Have you always wanted to use an iPhone but your wallet simply never permitted you to? Good thing for you, there is a lot of iOS inspired themes on the Xiaomi Themes store. iOS Girl is one such theme that brings the magical touch of iOS to your Android device. Not only does it completely change the way your lock screen and home screens look, but it also affects individual icons to look and behave exactly as they do on iPhones. All of the icons are rounded squares and follow the same pattern throughout. The background is also blurred by default to give a more convincing iOS look and feel. Overall, as a knock-off theme, this one isn’t bad at all and is highly recommend to those who want a change from the usual Android themes. You can download iOS Girl from the Themes app on your MIUI device and try it out for yourself.

#3 – Sendiri Lagi

If you aren’t really a fan of how the iOS theme we’ve talked about above looks but still want something different, then Sendiri Lagi is the one for you. It closely resembles the iOS Girl theme we’ve mentioned when it comes to the general appearance and user interface. However, all of the icons are meticulously designed to have just a white border surrounding their layout. This not only gives your phone a much cooler look but greatly differentiates it from the rest of the phones with colorful rounded icons. It also comes with a minimal wallpaper by default that matches the white accents of the icons and text. Overall, as a minimal theme that looks vastly different from the others, we highly recommend you try this one out. Search for “Sendiri Lagi” on the Themes app on your Xiaomi device to download and try it out!

#4 – Greenest Theme

If you are a fan of single-colored themes, then this one’s for you. As the name suggests, this theme brings a green tint to the entire user interface of your MIUI device. While the color may be subjective, if you do enjoy the color green, then we highly recommend you try this one out. Even the icons are small, white and thus blend wonderfully with the background and green accents of the theme. This theme also has support for transparency effects which you can use to make your notification or control panels even more fun to use. There isn’t much to talk about this theme except that it just looks and works like it has been advertised. To download this theme, simply look up “Greenest Theme” on the Themes app on your Xiaomi or Redmi device.

Top 10 MIUI 11 Theme For Redmi/Xiaomi Phones

#5 – Epic V2

Looking for a more modern theme for your MIUI device? Epic V2 is a great choice for those who like having vibrant colors on their display at all times. Not only does the theme come with a great default wallpaper, but all of the icons are customized to suit it as well. To begin with, the icons themselves are tiny and have much more spacing between them than usual. This gives off a very minimal and artsy vibe to your home screen setup. Secondly, all of the icons are detailed to look nice even on bigger displays. Furthermore, the theme also has a custom clock widget which displays the time in words for some abstract look and feels to your setup. Overall, as a modern and hipster style theme, we highly recommend you download this. You can try Epic V2 out on your MIUI device by looking for it in the Themes app.

#6 – Blackshark 2

This theme is inspired directly from Xiaomi’s own venture in the gaming space with its Blackshark smartphone. The theme is dark and very bold and screams gaming and power in every nick and corner. All the icons and accent colors match that of the ones found on the Blackshark phone. The theme overall still closely resembles the stock MIUI skin that your device comes with, and is thus recommended for those who want a minimal and close to stock UI. This also darkens your notification panel as well as your recent app’s window. If you’ve always wanted to have the look and feel of a Xiaomi Blackshark phone, then this one is made perfect for you. To download this theme, simply search “Blackshark 2” on the Themes app on your MIUI device.

#7 – MIUI Turns 5 Years

Next up is a pretty uncanny theme, since it was released as a celebration to the 5th year anniversary of MIUI. However, looking back at this theme, it really seems like a compelling one if you are into a lot of colors and darker shades. The dark background of this theme gives a nice contrast to the colorful icons. The clock widget also is really colorful and matches exceptionally well with the colors of the icons as well as the wallpaper. You can change the wallpaper to a matching dark one if you dislike the 5-year text that it comes with by default. Overall, as a dark theme with great red accents and vibrant icons, the MIUI Turns 5 Years theme is really good looking. To download this theme, simply look up “MIUI Turns 5 Years” on the Themes app on your Xiaomi or Redmi device.

#8 – Remix

This theme is by far my favorite one on this list. The Remix is a great theme for those who are dark mode fans. Not only does this theme come with a great dark wallpaper, but it also has dark style material designed icons as well. To top it all off, even the notifications as well as the quick toggles panel change to darker shades to compliment the entire outlook of this theme. The icons are exceptionally crafted as well and go really well with the default wallpaper. The theme overall feels very polished and professional, and the dark mode features are really a nice thing to have, especially if you have an AMOLED device by Xiaomi or Redmi. Overall, for all the dark mode lovers out there, we highly recommend you try out Remix. To download this theme, search for “Remix” on the Themes app on your MIUI device.

#9 – Neon 999

Don’t sweat Neon fans, we have you well covered. While finding material designed or dark themes is quite a simple task, finding a good neon inspired theme was a hard one. Luckily for you, Neon 999 is a great offering if you are into the glowing icons and wallpapers that this theme sports. All of the icons are custom made to give out an outer glow, resembling a neon effect on your smartphone’s screen. The lockscreen also has a colorful clock widget and even the “swipe to unlock” text is a transition in color. Unsupported icons will also be masked with a glowing ring around them, so you need not fear dissimilarity in the user interface while using this theme. As a neon fan, you must try this theme out right away! You can download “Neon 999” from the Themes app on your MIUI device and try it out for yourself.

#10 – City Lightz

Ending our list of the top 10 MIUI Themes in 2020, we have yet another dark mode inspired theme. As the name suggests, the City Lightz theme has a blurred wallpaper of cars rushing past on a highway. The icons are a blend of white and teal in color and bring a lot of minimalism to your setup. To top it all off, even the clock widget is custom made to resemble a handwritten time code. In our experience, the dark background and the contrast of the icons play really well with the theme in giving your phone a very unique and distinctive look. Overall, as a dark mode lover myself, I would highly recommend you apply this theme to your device. To download it, search for “City Lightz” on the Themes app on your MIUI device.

Top 10 MIUI 11 Theme For Redmi/Xiaomi Phones

Top 10 MIUI 11 Theme For Redmi/Xiaomi Phones

That’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top 10 MIUI Themes in 2020 that you can try in 2020. Which theme from our list happens to be your favorite? If you have any other good recommendations, make sure you leave a comment down below so you can share your taste in themes too! We have a lot more roundups like this on our website, so make sure you give them a good read as well!

Top 10 MIUI 11 Theme For Redmi/Xiaomi Phones

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