Waze 4.0 : Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers.

Image Courtesy : Waze’s Facebook Page Cover

Waze, the Google owned community navigation app, has hit version 4.0 today, after a little time in alpha testing. Rather than a big announcement post, Waze has uploaded a video straight to YouTube to tell us what’s new. Basically, we are looking at a complete refresh to the user interface, along with a number of new features.

Nothing can beat real people
working together
Imagine millions of drivers out on the roads, working together towards a common goal: to outsmart traffic and get everyone the best route to work and back, every day.

Traffic is more than just
red lines on the map
Get alerted before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other drivers in real-time. It’s like a personal heads-up from a few million of your friends on the road.

With community-edited maps,
you won’t hit a dead end
An active community of Waze map editors works to constantly improve and update Waze’s maps. That’s why they’re the first to reflect changes happening in your neighborhood, constantly improving routing for everyone.

Your friends are just around the corner
See other friends also driving to your destination, when you connect to Facebook. Coordinate everyone’s arrival times when you pick up or meet up with friends. Now you’re effortlessly in sync when you drive together.

Save on gas, every time you fill up
Navigate to the cheapest station on your route, all powered by community-shared gas prices. By working together to report prices at the pump, Waze drivers can always save some gas money.


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