Whatsapp now allows you to backup your chats on Google Drive

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On the occasion of making 800 million active users, popular messaging app Whatsapp has rolled out yet another update. This update lets you to backup your conversations online on Google Drive. Although there already was an option to backup conversations offline, the online backup feature is more convenient and safer.

This feature is not yet available (at the time article is being written) on Play store but users can download the APK (v2.12.45) from APK Mirror.

After you download and install the update, you will have to choose the option to take the backup on Google Drive from Chat Setting tab. Then you will need to sync your Gmail account on which you want to make the backup. And you are ready to go. Whenever you will take a backup, your conversation will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

You will see this window when you will sync your Google account for backup.
You will see this window when you will sync your Google account for backup.

You can also customize auto backup options as well (Settings> Chat settings> Chat Backup) including the time and frequency for backup and what type of network connection you wish to use. If your chat has lots of media then the backup can take a long time.

Setting screen for customising back up options.
Setting screen for customising backup options.


This update is a part of the series of updates Whatsapp is pushing after its acquisition by Facebook. First major update was voice calling then last week Whatsapp updated its UI to new and fresh material design and now the online backup option. Before these updates Whatsapp introduced its desktop chat portal Whatsapp Web (know more). Also it is expected to have 1 billion users by the end of this year.

This feature is only available for Android users for now.


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