UnoTelly Review:Watch Foreign Channels Unrestricted

UnoTelly Review by Android Captain

Have you ever wished to watch Netflix series like Daredevil, House of Cards, Legends of Zelda etc. but you can’t since you live in place where there is no Netflix service? Guess what, here’s a perfect solution for you and it’s called UnoTelly.
While looking for alternate ways to watch Netflix from India, I stumbled upon UnoTelly. To try this out I took an 8 day free trial and was quite impressed by the service. In case you are thinking that there are ways to stream TV shows online or download them from torrent so why should we opt for UnoTelly? Then let me tell you that those methods are illegal and governments are trying to stop them but UnoTelly here is completely legal. And another advantage of this service is that it brings 393 channels (as of December 2015) at one place. That’s right, 393 channels from more than 30 different countries and in 8 major languages. This is huge. So let me tell you what UnoTelly is and how it works.

What is UnoTelly and how it works

UnoTelly is a DNS/VPN service which brings and unblocks the streaming services which are not available for your location. It supports a huge range of devices like PC, Mac, Linux, Smartphones, Smart TV, Gaming Consoles and many more. The set-up instructions are easy and are given on the website of UnoTelly. This gives you an amazing, uninterrupted and fast TV watching experience on the device of your choice. Now let’s see how it bypasses the regional restrictions.

Most of the streaming networks restrict their services to a particular country and it blocks the streaming to other countries due to various issues ranging from copyrights to government policies. They figure out your location from your IP address that is given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). But there is a way to fool the servers and make them believe that your IP belongs to a non-restricted region. UnoTelly does the same thing by using Domain Name Server (DNS) service. They has DNS servers in the regions which are not blocked by the streaming service. So they go right through the restriction by moving your connection through one of those DNS servers. When you sign up for UnoTelly it asks you to change your DNS addresses in your device so when you try to access a restricted content, you would have no problem. It will not affect your rest of the browsing experience so you would not have to worry about that.
Apart from UnoDNS, you also get UnoVPN service in the Gold pack. VPN isn’t really necessary for streaming content from other countries but it adds security to your connection and prevents snooping. Besides that it can help you stream content when you do not have access to your DNS setting or if you are connected to a public WiFi network.

Available Channels

UnoTelly Channels

At the time of writing this, that is December 2015, UnoTelly gives access to 393 unlocked channel including all the international networks like HULU, Netflix and leading channels like BBC, PBS, CWTV, SyFy, ABC and Discovery Networks. The speed is quite good. It is faster than the online streaming services like Hola, Putlocker TV etc. There was no problem in streaming 720p HD videos over my 2MBps connection.

Subscription Plans

There are only two available plans, Premium Plan which gives only UnoDNS service and Gold Plan which gives both UnoDNS and UnoVPN services. You have to spend $4.95 and $7.95 per month for Premium and Gold plans respectively.

UnoTelly Plans



  • Easy to set-up
  • 300+ channels
  • Not illegal
  • Robust and fast connection
  • Compatible with all media devices


  • Only two available plans
  • Free alternates are available (but not good enough)

Overall, UnoTelly is a great way to watch blocked content easily and with a good speed over internet. If you are fed up with the snail paced online steaming websites, this is the right option for you.


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