AC Tips: Get an Android M app drawer on your phone

As we already told you that Android M has revamped its app drawer. (See: Explore Android M: Light and Dark themes). In the new app drawer, the apps are categorized alphabetically and also it shows you the 5 most used apps at the very top of the drawer. While Android M is going to arrive for users by the end of this year but do not let that stop you from experiencing the new app drawer. We are going to tell you how you can use the new app drawer just in few easy steps. Here we go.
Step 1: You need Google Now Launcher for this. If you already don’t have it then in you need to download it here. After installing Google Now launcher it will prompt you to make it the default launcher, do it.
Step 2: Download Google APK from here or scan this QR code QR DroidStep 3: Open the downloaded file and click on “Install” in the installation dialog box that appeared.
Step 4:  Now go to Settings>Apps. Find and tap on Google Now Launcher and then tap “Clear Cache”. Do the same with Google App. This is to remove a little bug which causes problem while opening the app drawer. Check your drawer, now you have the brand new Android M style app drawer.
Screenshot_android-m-drawer-android-captainNow if for some reason you did not like it and want to uninstall it, here’s how you can do it.
Go to Play Store and search Google. Then after going on Google App’s page. hit uninstall. It will uninstall the update you downloaded. And you will get your same old app drawer back.


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