AC Tips: How to make Chrome browse faster


Google Chrome is a good option among the many Android browsers to browse internet fast. Today we are going to tell you how to make websites load faster on Google Chrome.

Tip 01: Install Chrome Beta

Well it will not make Google Chrome any faster visibly but it will let you experience the improvements that Google developers make frequently to the web browser. This makes the Beta version the most updated and improved version of Google Chrome.

Tip 02: Prefetch page resources

chrome screen 01

Enabling this feature makes Google Chrome pre-load the website contents into local memory and thus it makes it faster for you to access those contents. However it increases the data consumption. To Enable it, go to Settings> Privacy> Prefetch page resources.  By default, is enabled for WiFi only but if you want to browse faster on any data connection change it to ‘Always’

Tip 03: Chrome Flags

Chrome flags are like developers options for Chrome. This allows you to check out many experimental features. However you should not play around with as Chrome warns you that “adjusting these variables can stop Chrome from functioning correctly”. But it is easy to change the settings back to default. To go to flags page, type chrome://flags/ in the address bar. It will open the Google flags page with numbers of settings options.


To make websites load faster you need to change two settings option. First look for ‘click delay’ and disable this option. Normally when you tap on any link on Chrome, there is a small delay before the page loads. Disabling this option will make Chrome open the link instantaneously.

Another setting that you need to change is ‘Maximum tile for interest area’. Change it to the maximum, i.e. 512. It will render the web pages quicker. But it will cause higher consumption of RAM. So we will only recommend this for phones with high RAM.

So these are our tips for speeding up the browsing experience on Chrome.

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