Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone


Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone

Using all the cool hacks discussed below you can fully customize you android device according to your wish and also able to some very cool things with your android device. So have a look on these hacks for non rooted android below.

Hacks & Tips For Non Rooted Android Device:

#1 Hack Games Without Rooting

You can hack your favorite games in your android device using a very cool app that works on non rooted android device too and the apps is Game Killer. Using this app you can implement all new cheats and mods of any game that you want to alter according to your wish. With this you can also get free coins, lives, rewards and unlock all locked content of any of your favorite game.Game Killer1

#2 Control Desktop From Your Android

Google had launched the application name Chrome Remote Desktop. By using this application you can easily access your computer anywhere using another smart device like computer,smartphone and tablet etc.The same extension is for your Google Chrome Browser too. which will let you to communicate two devices. And you can get the complete interface of your desktop n your android to control each and every thing.control pc with android

#3 Record Your Android Screen

By recording screen you can track all the activities of your android when you give your android to someone else like your younger brother, sisters or your friends.The method is very simple and straightforward as you need some of the Screen recording apps for your android that you can use to record screen of your android to monitor each and everything on your android device.screen recorder

#4 Use “Edge Display” on your Android

Like S6 Edge you can also use the same interface in your android device using a cool launcher Edge Display that is available for all the android device. This will complete customize your android device and make your android look cooler. So must try this app and customize your android today.S6 Display


#5 Automate your Android Settings

You can complete make your android device works on your finget tips using this method. You can save commands for your android device that is when you do this android will do that and all this is possible with a cool android app that isAutomateIt with this you can save all your commands in your android according to your wish and your device will work exactly that you will save.Automateit

#6 Use Android Emulators To Run Your Favorite Old Games

As old is gold and you will never miss out all your favorite games like Mario that you can play in your android device. And this is possible with a cool emulator that you can use to play all your favorite games in your android device.And For that NES Emulator – 64In1 is the best choice where you will get lots of cool games to play in your android.nes emulator

#7 Control Your Electronic Smart Device With Your Android

You can control all your smart devices like AC, LED TV and other device like Blueray player etc with your android device. And this is possible with Complete Guide To Control Smart Devices With Android.Control Devices From Android

#8 Re-configure Navigation Buttons In Android

Yes it is possible you can easily configure all the navigation buttons according to your wish. And this will make your android a very handy device to use. For this you can use the app Home2 Shortcut and with this app you can alter the functioning of navigation buttons according to your wish.home 2 shortcut

#9  Hide Any Whatsapp Media from Phone Gallery

You can refer our post To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery to get the whatsapp content out from your gallery that can not so good all the time. So use the above way and you make your gallery perfect to be display to other mates.hide

#10 Spy Your Incoming And Outgoing Calls Using Automatic Call Recorder

Using Automatic Call Recording apps that works on all android without rooting you can automatically record all the calls that arrived and done from your android device, and then listen them in your device with the complete time record of each call.

Automatic call recorder

So above are all Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone. With these tech hacks you can easily make your android works according to you and this will also helps you to make your android looks cool. And these methods are very easy to implement and really effective one. Hope you like our work, do share with other too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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