Hide file and folder in android OS.

How to hide files and folders in your android phone without using a 3rd party software.

Hide a file in android phone trick by android captain

Every user who uses android mobile device want to hide some of their personal files, form his/her friend or family member. So I am explaining each single step and method.

    There are two methods to hide any files or folder:

  • Using 3rd party software
  • Using tricks with file manager.

Most of the users uses 1st method. There are dozens of apps available in play store, that helps you to hide your personal files.

Here I am going to explain 2nd method: How to hide your personal files without using a software. In this method there are two ways to do so.

1. By Changing Name Of Your Folder: Open your file manager and create a folder name it whatever you want(I am using folder name “hide”. You should have to name your folder without any space). Then put some image file into it. Now check it by opening gallery. You will find a folder name “hide”. Now return to file manager find that folder “hide” and rename it like “.hide”, put a “dot” before folder name without any space. And not it’s done your folder will disappear.

Now you are thinking, how to get that hidden folder again, here is the solution. Go to file manager click on option then click on setting, you will find a option- show hidden file files/folder check that box by touching it and done. Open your file manager and find your folder. And if you want to hide that folder again then repeat the previous steps.

Hide a file in android phone trick by android captain

Demo of Hide a file in android phone trick by android captain

2. By placing in a folder: You can hide your personal items by placing them into a specific folder. Open file manager and create a folder “hide”, place your personal items into it. then return to file manager and find a folder named “Android”. Move that “hide” folder into this “Android” folder. And the magic happened. The contents in that “hide” folder will not show in gallery or any video player or audio player.

demo of Hiding a file in android phone trick by android captain

In this process your folder will not hide but the contents inside it will not accessed by any application installed in  your phone.

The technical reason behind this method is – any of the application in your phone does not have permission to access that “Android” folder. So anything inside this “Android” folder makes out of reach from apps.

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