WiFi Tricks : How to make better use of it.

WiFi Tricks Android Captain

If you happen to have a WiFi router at your home, you must read these WiFi tricks ways to use your router more efficiently. There is much more use of your WiFi router than you already know. So let’s begin.

1. Use WiFi router to access USB storage


If you have bought a router in recent times, it must have came with an USB port. This port lets you to connect a pen drive or other external storage device. And you can access the data on that pen drive or external hard drive on all devices connectedto that WiFi network wireless. You can access the data from multiple devices at a time without any extra effort. 

2. No USB port? Use Network Drive

NAS box

Don’t have an USB  port in your router? No worries, there is another way to access storage through WiFi. You can do so by using Network Assisted Storage (NAS) devices. Many storage device companies like Seagate, D link etc. sell these devices. You can connect the NAS devices to your router using Ethernet cable. Then you need to install an app, that comes with the NAS box, to the devices you want to access data on. This app can be installed on Windows, Mac as well as on your smartphones. And now you are all set to access data through the devices connected to WiFi. These boxes also have USB ports so you can add Pen drives or other storage through USB and you can access those too.

3. Extend your WiFi’s range


If your room is beyond the range of your WiFi, there’s a solution for that too. There’s a device to extend the range of your WiFi, called Repeater or Range Extender. All you need to do is plug this nifty little gadget where the range of your WiFi router ends. It will further extend the range of your WiFi. Tou can buy this for as little as Rs. 1000. There are expensive ones too with higher range. 

4. Wireless Printing

If you have a printer with Ethernet port or WiFi, you can remotely print through your PC, laptop or even your smartphone. Such printers are more pricey than the us
ual ones but if you have the requirement to print remotely or print from your phone, this is a worthy investment for you.

5. Use your phone as Remote control

You can use your smartphone as a remote control to control your TV or home theater system through WiFi provided the devices you want to control are WiFi enabled and must be connected to the same WiFi network as your phone.

So that is it. These were the 5 WiFi tricks that most people are unaware of. If these tricks helped you learn something new, share it forward.

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